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Windows Network Issues and Solution

Networks are finicky at best. Unfortunately, network connections are sometimes hard to fix.taking this point in mind, windows tech support are a help to you in pull you out from network connection issues because the network is a thing that every user needs. So, if you facing issues with a network connection, then you are landed on a right place where we will not only guide you but also provides you technical support where you can actually discuss your issues and get your solution. 

Before moving more further, let's discuss some of the network issues; 

Checking host files: 

  • Sometimes while hosting on a particular network we get a troubleshoot in an internet connection. Windows are using a host file to set an IP address to particular domains which can easily redirect or cut off your internet access. 
  • To check host file in windows, just go to the notepad and open File>open. It navigates your local C drive, then goes to windows  folder, If your system is 64 bit or 32 bit no matter, select drivers which contain file folder named hosts. 

Image result for host file

  • You have to change from text documents to all files to see and check host files. 

Check physical connections: 

  • Before diving into settings, check whether a problem persists even after rebooting. If so then check your physical connection.if you are using an Ethernet cable, please be sure that it might not be unplugged.on another hand, if you are using a wireless connection, then be sure that it didn’t get bumped off position. 
  • Once all connection is checked, check your device.If no lights blink after reboot, then it might be possible that your device has been dead. And if you are red light, the wait for some time, your ISP is likely to be down. 

                             Image result for IP address

Check for valid IP address: 

  • Sometimes unknown network is connected with your system. Windows can’t fix the problem on it own, we need to pinpoint the spot along the connections where the problem is actually lacking. to check  this network problem, follow some of the tips listed below: 
  • Go to network and sharing center in control panel or PC settings. 
  • On the right side, connection option will appear, click on it. 
  • Tap on your network from which you want to connect. 
  • Select properties and click on internet protocol version 4 
  • And enter your password to the home network. 
  • There are primary issues which are faced while you are trying to connect with any network.If still, you are unable to resolve then visit our windows tech support for more help. 

How will windows tech support help you? 

There are many issues arises while installing or activating windows. So, to recover and resolve this issues, windows provide a station known as windows tech support where our technical experts are there 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to pull you out from your issues and try to fix as early as possible. 

Post by windowscustomersupport (2017-07-27 04:01)

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